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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Information For Tourist.

How to come to Pakistan?

By Air
More than 25 airlines fly to Pakistan from over 40 countries. Most of the flights arrive at Karachi, but PIA, British Airways, Saudia and China Xinjiang Airlines fly direct to the twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad, and PIA, Indian Airlines, Saudia and Thai Airways fly direct to Lahore. Pakistan International (PIA) has direct flights from the main Mediterranean and European cities, as well as New York, Toronto and Nairobi. It also runs a Far East Network from Tokyo, Beijing, Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. PIA have also flights to Tashkent and Almaty from Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar and Karachi while another Pakistani airlines, Aero Asia has a weekly flight between Karachi and Bishkek. 

By Land
From China:
The Khunjerab Pass is open from 1st May to 31st October for groups and to 15 November for individual tourists. Customs, Immigration post shall remain open daily from 08:30 to 11:00 for outgoing travelers and up to 16:00 (Pakistan Standard Time) for incoming tourists. Travel time from Sost to Taxkurgan (China) is 05 hours (220 kms). The Chinese border post, Taxkurgan is open 12:00 noon to 14:00 (Beijing Time) for outgoing tourists and up to 19:00 for incoming travelers. Daily PTDC (Pakistan Tourism Dev. Corp.) and NATCO (Northern Areas Transport Corp.) run buses, vans, and jeeps from Sost to Taxkurgan and one-way fare is fixed at US$ 23 per person or equivalent in Pak. rupees..................

Tourist Guide For Rawalpindi Pakistan

The Old City And Bazaars

The bazaars of the old city offer exciting bargains. You can leisurely browse in the quaint old shops in Saddar bazaar, Moti bazaar, Raja bazaar and Kashmiri bazaar while Sarafa bazaar is famous for beaten gold and silver jewellery, brass and copperware.

Rawalpindi specializes in handicrafts such as inlaid sheesham and walnut furniture, Kashmiri silver, shawls and jackets, embroidered and woolen 'Kurtas' and household linen, Potohar Jooties and Chappals (slippers), cane baskets and furniture, walking sticksand hand-woven Kashmiri and Bokhara carpets. You can go shopping for these items at handicraft and carpet shops in Saddar bazaar, especially around Flashman’s Hotel and Rawalpindi Club building on the Mall...

Tourist Guide For Islamabad Pakistan

General Information

Population: 512,933. Area: 906 sq. km Elevation: 494 to 610 m. above sea level

Seasons Max. Avg. Min. Avg.

Winter (Oct-March): 16.7 C 3.4 C
Summer (Apr-Sept.): 34.2 C 24.4 C
Annual Average: 28.9 C 14.4 C
Average Rainfall: 1143 millimeters


Tourist Guide For Azad Kashmir Pakistan


The capital of the Azad Jammu & Kashmir is situated at the confluence of the Jhelum & Neelum rivers. It is 138 kms from Rawalpindi and about 76 kms from Abbottabad. The present name of Muzaffarabad has been given to it after the name of Sultan Muzaffar Khan, a chief of Bomba Dynasty (1652). There are two forts, namely, Red & Black Fort, situated on the opposite sides of river Neelum. The Neelum river streams through the town, joins river Jhelum at Domel and plays a dominant role in the micro climate of Muzaffarabad.Places of interest in and around Muzaffarabad are: Pir Channasi, Shaheed Gali and Patika.

Tourist Guide For Murree Pakistan

They are a series of wonderful Hill-resorts on the ridge between Murree and Abbottabad and are more attractive than other cities. Murree is a very popular hill station about 50 km north of the capital Islamabad while Abbottabad is a city in NWFP province with a very British atmosphere. However, between them is a wonderful road which has been fully repaired from being the "highway to hell" to being an excellent 2 lane road and protection on the sides. The main tourist stay on this road is the town of Nathia Gali and the resort of Ayubia. Nathia Gali is known as the City of Fog for it can get very foggy here. The usual definition of fog doesn't stand here. Fog means visibility reduced to 1 km here fog mean visibility reduced to a few feet. Also, this area receives the highest rainfall in Pakistan and it always seems to be raining here (which is very good). But the main beauty of this area isn't high mountains, it's the greenery. Lush green hills and mountains with wonderful pine trees. The wild life of this area is pretty good...

Tourist Guide For Cholistan Desert Pakistan

The Cholistan, or Rohi, Desert in Punjab is the largest desert on the Indo-Pak sub-continent. The desert is over 10,000 square miles. Located 20 miles from Bahawalpur, The Hakra River dried up here, and with it most life. The 2.5 million people who live here are nomads who lead a simple life herding and trading in camels. Their culture is strong with many romantic legends dating back to ancient times and they place great value in the power of song. The desert festivals are simply out of this world, you may see camels dancing (except those with two left humps) who are even better dressed in dazzling costumes than their owners...

Tourist Guide For Bahawalpur Pakistan

Tourist Information

Altitude: 400 ft.

Area: 23539 sq. km.

Population: 24,10,566 (District Bahawalpur) 1998 Census.

Climate: Winter (Oct March): Max 23.5C, Min 8C
Simmer (April Sep): Max 34C, Min 32C

Rainfall: 6.89 inches annually.

Tourist Season: October to March..

Tourist Guide For Khewra Salt Mines Pakistan

The main centre of mining is Khewra in the Salt Range where the world's largest salt mines are located. Khewra salt mines are 154 kms away from Rawalpindi. The route is Mandra-Dudyal-Chakwal-Bhaun-Choa Saidan Shah-Khewra. A longer route is through Kallar Kahar-Katas. The nearest hotel accommodation is at TDCP resort Kallar Kahar. For permit to visit the mines and to book the accommodation at the PMDC Rest House at Khewra, you may contact their office in Islamabad at Plot No.13, H-9 (Manager Salt Tel: 250928-30) through PTDC Tourist Information Centres in Rawalpindi or Islamabad, at least 4 days in advance.

Tourist Guide For Taxila And Kallar Kahar Pakistan


About Taxila
Taxila is the abode of many splendid Buddhist establishments. Taxila, the main centre of Gandhara, is over 3,000 years old. Taxila had attracted Alexander the great from Macedonia in 326 BC, with whom the influence of Greek culture came to this part of the world. Taxila later came under the Mauryan dynasty and reached a remarkable matured level of development under the great Ashoka. During the year 2 BC, Buddhism was adopted as the state religion, which flourished and prevailed for over 1,000 years, until the year 10 AD. During this time Taxila, Swat and Charsadda (old Pushkalavati) became three important centers for culture, trade and learning. Hundreds of monasteries and stupas were built together with Greek and Kushan towns such as Sirkap and Sirsukh, both in The Gandhara civilization was not only the

Tourist Guide For Lahore Pakistan

Lahore At A Glance

Elevation Area 
213 metres above sea level500 kms (approximately) 
6.212 million (1998) 
Local languages 
Punjabi, Urdu, English are widely spoken 
Best time to visit 
Between the months of October March 
Warm in summer and cold in winter 
Type of Clothing 
Tropical in summer and woolen in winter 

Tourist Guide For Sindh Pakistan


Ninety-eight km to east of Karachi, on the National Highway, lays the ancient town of Thatta, once 
called  the EI Darodo of the East. This busy river port of yore – before the Indus moved off to the east 
is now famous for some of the most picturesque and interesting specimen of Muslim architecture. 
Although the vestiges of past glories are of comparatively recent origin, dating back to 16th and 17th centuries, the history of Thatta goes back some two thousand years.

The palaces and pleasure houses have become one with dust but many of the tombs, mausoleums and mosques remain, some of them in a fairly good state of preservation. Prominent among the town’s present 
day brick and adobe structures are the wind catchers that top them 

Tourist Guide For Karachi Pakistan

Places Of Interest

Wazir Mansion
Foremost among Karachi’s historic buildings, is the birthplace of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. The house is a balconied, three-storied structure on Newneham Road, located in Kharadar, one of the oldest residential areas of the city. The house has been declared a protected national monument.

Quaid-E-Azam’s Mausoleum
This white marble Mausoleum with its curved Moorish Arches and copper grills rests on an elevated 54 Sq. meters platform. The cool inner sanctum reflected the green of a four tiered crystal chandelier gifted by the Peoples Republic of China..

Tourist Guide For Karachi Pakistan

Places Of Interest
Foremost among Karachi’s historic buildings, is the birthplace of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. The house is a balconied, three-storied structure on Newneham Road, located in Kharadar, one of the oldest residential areas of the city. The house has been declared a protected national monument.Wazir Mansion

Quaid-E-Azam’s Mausoleum
This white marble Mausoleum with its curved Moorish Arches and copper grills rests on an elevated 54 Sq. meters platform. The cool inner sanctum reflected the green of a four tiered crystal chandelier gifted by the Peoples Republic of China. The memorial slab framed with silver railings draws people from far and wide who come to pay their respects to the father of the Nation and to watch the impressive change of guard ceremony that takes place everyday. Today, the Quaid-e-Azam’s Mausoleum is a prominent and impressive landmark of Karachi. Nearby are the graves of the “Quaid-e-Millat”, Liaquat Ali Khan, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Qauid’s sister Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah.

Tourist Guide For Baluchistan Pakistan

 Pishin Valley And Bund Khushdil Khan

Urak Valley
The Urak Valley is 21 kms from Quetta City. The road is lined on either side with wild roses and fruit orchards, peaches, plums, apricots and apples of many varieties are grown in this valley.

Hanna Lake
A little short of the place where the Urak Valley begins and 10 kms from Quetta, is the Hanna Lake, where benches and pavilions on terraces have been provided. Golden fish in the lake comes swimming right upto the edge of the lake. A little distance away, the waters of the lake take on a greenish blue tint. Right where the water ends, pine trees have been planted on the grass filled slopes...

Tourist Guide For Quetta Valley

How To Get To Quetta
Quetta is connected to the rest of the country by road, rail and air. The highway connects it to Karachi and then on (via Koh-e-Taftan) to Tehran, Iran, 1435 kms away. The road to Sibi connects it with Punjab and upper Sindh. The road via Loralai - Fort Monro -D.G. Khan and Multan is a shorter route for Punjab. The Chaman Road is a link between the country and the Afghan border. Quetta is linked by PIA with Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

What To Buy

Local handicrafts, specially green marble products, mirror work and embroidered jackets, shirts, and hand bags, pillow covers, bed sheets, dry fruits, etc...

Tourist Guide For NWFP Pakistan

 Attock Fort

It is situated about 101 km west of Islamabad on the left bank of Indus River. The fort was completed in 1583 under the supervision of Khawaja Shamsuddin Khawafi, a minister of Emperor Akbar. The Mughal caravan sarai outside the fort, which is almost on the G.T. Road, was also built during this period. Please note that no visitors are allowed inside the Fort...

Tourist Guide For Peshawar

List Of The Hotels In Peshawar
Name of Hotel & Location

1. Hotel Pearl Continental,
Khyber Road, Peshawar.
Tel: (92-091) 111-505-505, 5276361-3
Fax: (92-091) 5276465
E.Mail: hotelpsh@Pes.comsats.net.pk

2. Green’s Hotel, Saddar Road,
Peshawar Cantt.
Tel: (92-091) 5276035-5276037
Fax: (92-091) 5270182-4
E.Mail: greens@psh-infolink.net.pk

3. Hotel Park Inn, Jail Bridge,
Khyber Bazaar, Peshawar City.
Tel: (92-092) 2560048-9
4. Rose Hotel, Shoba Chowk,
Khyber Bazaar, Peshawar City.
Tel: (92-091) 250755-7
Fax: (92-091) 2568534

5. Spogmay Hotel, Namak Mandi,
Peshawar City.
Tel: (92-091) 2213255
Fax: (92-091) 2214955

6. Hidyt Hotel, Near Firdos Cinema,
Off: G.T. Road, Peshawar City.
Tel: (92-091) 2217839,2565635
Fax: (92-091) 2566634

7. Amin Hotel, G.T. Road,
Peshawar City.
Tel: (92-091) 2218215
Fax: (92-091) 2214772

8. Hotel North West Heritage,
Firdos Chowk, Peshawar City.
Tel: (92-091) 2216479
Fax: (92-091) 256588
E.Mail: heritage@psh.infoliak.net.pk

9. Khan’s Klub,
New Rampoora Gate,
Peshawar City.
Tel: (92-091) 2214802

Guest Houses

1. VIP House, Old Bara Road University Town, Peshawar.
Tel: (92-091) 2242806
Fax: (92-091) 5843392

2. Decent Lodge,62, S. Jamaluddin Afghani Road,
University Town, Peshawar.
Tel: (92-091) 5840221
Fax: (92-091) 5840229

3. Shelton House,15-B, Old Jamrud Road,
University Town, Peshawar.
Tel: (92-091)5842087
Fax: (92-091)5842383

4. Continental Guest House,77-E, Rehman Baba Road,
University Town, Peshawar.
Tel: (92-091)5844878, 844932
Fax: (92-091)5842335

5. Seven Sea Guest House,51 - Rehman Baba Road,
University Town, Peshawar.
Tel: (92-091)5841483)

6. Rivali Guest House,9-E2, Aabdara Road,
University Town, Peshawar.
Tel: (92-091)5843776
E.Mail: Rivali@brain.net.pk

1. Shiraz Restaurant Peshawar, for all kind of food
University Road,

2. Usmania Restaurant, for all kind of food
University Road,

3. KowloonChinese Restaurant, Chinese
Mall Road, Peshawar Cantt.

4. Afghan Restaurant, for Afghani food
University Road,

5. Salatin Restaurant, for Pakistani food
Cinema Road,
Peshawar City.

6. Karachi - Tikka, for Local food
Namak Mandi,
Peshawar City.

7. Marcopolo Restaurant, for all kind of food
Pearl Continental Hotel,

8. Taipan Chinese Restaurant, for Chinese food
Hotel Pearl Continental,

9. Green’s Hotel Restaurant, for Local/English food
Saddar Road, Peshawar.

10. Dragon Chinese Restaurant, for Chinese food
University Road, Peshawar.
Travel Agents

1. United Travel, 6, Saddar Road.
Tel: (92-091) 5277101-4

2. Royal Travel, 
University Road,
Tel: (92-091) 5844790, 5844564

3. Pakistan Express, Cantt. Plaza,
Tel: (92-091) 5275967

4. Sehrai Travel & Tours,
Opp: Green’s Hotel,
Tel: (92-091) 5272084
Fax: (92-091) 5272085

5. Travel Walji’s,
Doctors’ Plaza,
Saddar Road,
Tel: (92-091) 5274130

1. Booking Office, Cantt. Railway Station,
Tel: (92-091) 5274436, 9210679, 921106

2. Ticket Agency, Opp: State Bank,
Tel: (92-091) 5275455

3. Ticket Agency, Qissa Khawani,
Peshawar City.
Tel: (92-091) 2115555
Airline Offices

1. PIA Booking Office, Arbab Road,
Tel: (92-091) 9212370-2

2. Aero Asia Booking Office,
Saddar Road, Peshawar.
Tel: (92-091) 111-515-151, 277289
Airport Office
Tel: (92-091) 5277656

3. Shaheen Airlines,
16 - Fakhr-e-Alam Road,
Tel: (92-091) 5278412, 5278409, 111-808-080

4. Qatar Airline, Green’s Hotel,
Tel: (92-091) 5287083

5. Emirates Airline Peshawar,
Tel: (92-091) 5275912, 5273744

6. British Airways, Green’s Hotel,
Tel: (92-091) 273252
Super Stores

1. Avon Super Store, Spogmay Plaza,
University Road, Peshawar.

2. The Mall, Mall Road,
Peshawar Cantt.

3. Jan’s Shopping Arcade,
Islamia Road, Peshawar Cantt.
Bus Terminals

1. For Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Islamabad (Air-conditionedCoaches),
“Bus Terminal” Haji Camp, GT Road, Peshawar.

2. For Swat, Dir, Rawalpindi, Abbottabad, Mansehra, Mardan, Swabi etc.
(Non-Air-conditioned Buses), General Bus Station, GT Road,

3. For Quetta, D.I. Khan, Bannu, Kohat, “Sada Bahar Bus Station”,
Kohat Road, Peshawar City. 
Distances From Peshawar (Kms)

1. Khyber Pass - Pak-Afghan Border Torkham 57

2. Jamrud Fort 18

3. Charsadda 29

4. Kohat 64

5. Nowshera 48

6. Mardan 64

7. Swabi 90

8. Takht-e-Bhai 80

9. Mingora (Swat) 176

10. Dir 250

11. Chitral 365

12. Abbottabad 190

13. Warsak Dam 32

14. Rawalpindi/Islamabad 176

15. Lahore 440
Journey Time From Peshawar

1. To Mardan 1 hour

2. To Swabi 1.45 minutes

3. To Dir 6 hours

4. To Chitral 11 hours

5. To Saidu Sharif/Mingora 3/4 hours

6. To Pak-Afghan Border/Michni Post 1-1/2 hours

7. To Kohat Pass 1 hour

8. To Gilgit 16 hour

9. To Skardu 22 hours

10. To Shandur 20 hours

11. To Bamburet 12 hours

12. To Miandam 5 hours

13. To Kalam 7 hours

14. To Naran 10 hours

15. To Gilgit via Shandur Pass 34 hours

16. To Sust via KKH 22 hours

17. To Khunjrab via KKH 25 hours.


1. Government Lady Reading Hospital, (92-091) 9211430-49 Peshawar.

2. Khyber Teaching Hospital (92-091) 9216340-7

3. Hayatabad Medical Complex (92-091) 9217140-7

4. Mission Hospital, Peshawar (92-091) 212371

5. IRNUM, Peshawar University (92-091) 8216114-7

6. Children Hospital (92-091) 261161

7. Khyber Medical Centre (92-091) 2211241-9
Emergency Phone Numbers

1. Emergency Police Number (92-091) 9212222, 9213333

2. SSP Peshawar (92-091) 9210508

3. Fire Brigade:Cantt. (92-091) 16
MCP (92-091) 218239
Air Force (92-091) 5812143
Civil Defence (92-091) 5271392
Telephone Numbers Of Nwfp Government

1. Governor’s Secretariat Tel: (92-091) 9210655-6, 9210753, 9212919,210054

2. Secretary to Governor Tel: (92-091) 9210559
Fax: (92-091) 9210087

3. Private Secretary to Secretary Tel: (92-091) 9210559

4. Military Secretary to Governor Tel: (92-091) 9210324
Fax: (92-091) 9210899

5. Private Secretary to Military Secy. Tel: (92-091) 9210324

6. Private Secretary to Governor Tel: (92-091) 218632, 9210702
Fax: (92-091) 9210751

7. Chief Secretary Tel: (92-091) 9210666, 217273

8. Private Secretary to Chief Secy. Tel: (92-091) 9210900

9. Secretary, S&GAD Tel: (92-091) 9210340

10. Secretary, Agriculture, Livestock & Tel: (920091) 9210025
Cooperation Department

11. Secretary, Auqaf & Revenue Tel: (92-091) 9210328

12. Secretary, Communication & Works Tel: (92-091) 9210859

13. Secretary, Education Tel: (92-091) 9210337

14. Secretary, Finance, Excise & Tel: (92-091) 9210443

15. Secretary, Forestry, Fisheries & Tel: (92-091) 9210536,

16. Secretary, Health Tel: (92-091) 9210342, 9210572

17. Secretary, Home & Tribal Affairs Tel: (92-091) 9211121, 9210071

18. Secretary, Industries, Commerce, Tel: (92-091) 9210924

19. Secretary, Information, Sports, Tel: (92-091) 9210365
Culture & Tourism

20. Secretary, Irrigation Tel: (92-091) 9210845

21. Secretary, Law & Parliamentary Tel: (92-091) 9210023
Affairs & Human Rights

22. Secretary, Local Govt, Elections & Tel: (92-091) 9210026
Rural Development

23. Secretary, Minority Affairs Tel: (92-091) 9210203

24. Secretary, Physical Planning & Tel: (92-091) 9210869
Housing Department

25. Secretary, Planning, Environment & Tel: (92-091) 9210344, Development Department

26. Secretary, Population Welfare & Tel: (92-091) 9211535
Women Development

27. Secretary, Power Tel: (92-091) 9210845

28. Secretary, Public Health, Tel: (92-091) 9210532
Engineering Department

29. Secretary, Zakat, Ushar & Tel: (92-091) 9211931
Social Welfare

30. Chief Conservator of Forests Tel: (92-091) 9212177

31. Commissioner, Afghan Refugees Tel: (92-091) 9217077

32. Commissioner, Peshawar Division Tel: (92-091) 9211334,

33. Director, Information Tel: (92-091) 9210136

34. Director, Sports Tel: (92-091) 9212767

35. Peshawar Museum Tel: (92-091) 9210985

Tourist Guide For Northern Areas of Pakistan

Gilgit Valley

At an elevation of 1,454 metres lies the Gilgit Valley. The quaint little town of Gilgit has spectacular scenic beauty. The peak tourist season is from April to October though you can visit the valley round the year. The maximum temperature in May is 33 C and the minimum 16 C and in September, maximum 28 C and minimum 11 C.


Places to visit
Gilgit Bridge:The bridge over the fast flowing Gilgit River, at the end of its traditional bazaar, is the largest suspension bridge in Asia (182 metres long and 2 metres wide) permitting enough room for one jeep at a time to cross...

Visa and Immigration Laws - Pakistan

The Ministry of Interior is responsible for granting / extending visas of foreigners (other than Indian nationals whose cases are dealt by the IP&N Wing of the Ministry of Interior).
Business Visa
Visa On Arrival (VOA) for 30 days validity and stay will be given to the businessmen of 69 countries of Business Friendly List (BVL) on production of any of the following documents. 
  • Recommendation letter from CC&I of the respective country of the foreigner. 
  • Invitation letter from Business organization duly recommended by the concerned Trade Organization/ Association in Pakistan . 
  • Recommendatory letter by Honorary Investment Counselor of BOI / Commercial Attach posted at Missions abroad...

Welcome to Pakistan

lahore badshahi mosque lahore government college and university
_blankVisiting Pakistan? This section of Pakistanpaedia provides essential information for planning your visit to Pakistan - the land of Oldest of Civilizations. Pakistan has a rich cultural heritage. Its Northern Areas are rich in natural beauty and landscape, and some of the awesome verticals and pinnacles like the Trangos and the K-2. The archaeological remains of Buddhism and Hinduism and the Muslim architecture. Trekking, mountaineering, white water rafting, wild boar hunting, mountain and desert jeep, Camel and Yak safaris, trout fishing and bird watching, are a few activities which entice the adventure and nature lovers to Pakistan..

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