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Sunday, June 24, 2012

First Night

First Night

There are many misunderstandings or misconception about the first night of Marriage in our culture(Society). The biggest misunderstanding about first night of marriage (Suhagraat) mubashrat (intercourse) is considered most compulsary otherwise “Valima” the groom’s treat will not be Count Halal.

First night of Marriage                         
I don’t know since when we have been following such so called traditions. The first night of Marriage is all about care and share. The groom shows his care & love to the bride and they promise to care each other and share joys and sarrows together.
Remember at First night of Marriage
There is no need to learn dialogues for first night of marriage.
She is human she needs care (Love) not SEX. It is her first night out of her own home where she spend teenage.
Wedding Night or Marriage Night or First Night in a newly wed couple’s Life is full of love, romance, happiness and joy also filled with anxiety, nervousness,
hesitation and many questions about future. But with proper guideline and information bride and groom can make their first night unforgetable and memorable in future. Now a days for many couples, the first night is quite unpleasant as they could not satisfy each other. If ther marriage is an arranged one then it will be very much difficult to free at once and be motivated on the wedding night itself but every body should remember one thing that sex is not at all important on the first night, what more important is? to get to know each other better and try to take care of each other while taking it easy. In order to know how to win wife’s and husband’s first night, groom and bride can also begin with touching and kissing and exploring each other and have secret love only if when they are ready and comfortable for it. How to win wife’s first night love in a husband’s life? First night is always filled with anxiety, nervousness, hesitation and there are many questions which creep up in the back of couple’s mind but with proper guidance & information they can make their first night memorable.
Marriage night under pressure is not good and it leads to bitterness and disappointments. Couple should make sure that both of them understand each other and respect each other’s feelings and desire’s. However for a couples, who know each other, first time is easier since, they know each other’s likes and dislikes, mood, nature, feelings, and are more comfortable with each other. And “feeling good” should last past the se’x itself. And that means have safe se’x so you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant or catching some horrible disease.
Many women and men develop crazy theories about female orgasm which is not actually associated with ejaculation and they often hold themselves
responsible for anything that goes wrong in their married life. In order to know how to win wife’s and husband’s first night, couple should know that there are many chances that a woman or man may not be able to achieve full orgasm and love. But by the passage of time they can understand each others feelings and
So, chill your first night of marriage with care and passion.

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