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Friday, December 28, 2012

Incredible india.

 Elephants crossing railway tracks, fakirs gouging out their own eyes, snakes being bathed with milk... Where else would you find these bizarre and unusual sights but in India? Enjoy these incredible images!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Funny Kid.

Funny Pictures.

Worlds First Ambulance Services.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Mirza Galib Life in Urdu & English

BioGraphy of Mirza Ghalib In English.

Mirza Asadullah Baig , pen-name Ghalib was born on 27 December 
1796 was an all time great classical Urdu and Persian poet of the Indian subcontinent. Most notably, he wrote several ghazals during his life,
which have since been interpreted and sung in many different ways by different people. He is considered to be the most dominating poet of 
the Urdu language 

Mirza Asadullah Beg — known to posterity as Ghalib, a ‘nom de plume’ 
he adopted in the tradition of all classical Urdu poets, was born in the 
city of Agra . When he was only five years old, his father, Abdullah 
Beg Khan died in a battle while working under Rao Raja Bakhtwar
Singh of Alwar and his uncle Nasrullah Beg Khan took charge of him.
But he lost his uncle also at the tender age of eight.

The death of his father and uncle during his early youth left Ghalib 
with no male-dominant figures. He then moved to Delhi.

Ghalib’s early education has always been a matter of confusion.
There are no known records of his formal education, although it 
was known that his circle of friends in Delhi were some of the 
most intelligent minds of the time.

Around 1810, he was married into a family of nobles, at the age of 
thirteen. He had seven children, none of whom survived .

Ghalib never worked as such for a livelihood but lived on either 
state patronage, credit or generosity of his friends. His fame came 
to him posthumously. He had himself remarked during his lifetime 
that although his age ignored his greatness, it would be recognized 
by later generations. History has vindicated his claim. He also is 
arguably the most “written about” among Urdu poets.

He died in Delhi on February 15th, 1869. 

The first complete English translation of Ghalib’s love poems 
(ghazals) was written by Dr. Sarfaraz K. Niazi and published by 
Rupa & Co in India and Ferozsons in Pakistan. The title of this 
book is Love Sonnets of Ghalib and it contains complete roman 
transliteration, explication and an extensive lexicon.

The Life of mirza galib in urdu history.there are lot poets in the 
world. some of Historical heros never forgoten. there is one 
name of mr Galib who is one of best urdu poet. he spend his life 
in such trouble but he always write the amazing thoughts and 
some of Really heart touching gazals

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Chota Bheem- Daku Mangal singh

Chhota Bheem - Bheem vs Aliens Movie

Chhota Bheem: Bheem vs Aliens is a fictional animated film produced by Greengold Animations. It is the third movie in the Chhota Bheem movie series.

Chhota Bheem - Master Of Shaolin

Chhota Bheem: Master of Shaolin is a fictional Indian animated movie featuring Bheem, the star of the Chhota Bheem television series.